Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day where everyone gives thanks for all the amazing things in your life. You gather around a table with your family and say a prayer thanking God for how amazing he is. While holding hands the younger siblings or cousins are making noises and itching to get their hands on the food. Finally, after thanking the Lord for every person in the room every person joins together and says a loud "Amen". Then everyone digs into the food and has a feast.

My boyfriend and his family are having a Thanksgiving meal all together tomorrow. I was invited and so was my mother. We will be out of town so we can't attend. The meal will be at his grandmothers house. His grandmother is the sweetest lady on earth. I love her like she's my own grandma. She was diagnosed with cancer a while back and she's been fighting like no other. Two days ago she received word from her doctor  that she had three months to live. She told her family immediately.

Here we have Thanksgiving tomorrow and we are supposed to all give thanks for everything amazing and wonderful in our lives while counting down the days grandma has left. It's really hard on Jacob and his faith. I've asked my grandma to pray as well for Jacob's grandma. I know God has a plan and that His plan is the way it's supposed to be, but I'm praying that His plan is to keep her around longer. Jacob's family has enough on them.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow and I apologize for the sad story I just had to write.

So, I'll see you soon then. XOXO, Jo
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